Unlock Your Phone with UnlockScope App

Now UnlockScope is also available on Play Store on all Android devices. It includes all phone manufacturers: Samsung, Apple, LG, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry, Sony, Nokia etc. Download the app now and unlock your phone safe, fast and easy to freely communicate with your family and friends at better costs!
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Switch to another carrier
The major benefit of unlocking your phone is that you’ll be able to use it with any gsm network in your country and around the world.
Earn money by reselling codes
With UnlockScope App you can not only unlock your phone, but you can also unlock other’s phones, and earn a commission for each phone you unlock.
Increase your phone's value
By unlocking your phone you will reach a higher mass of potential buyers in case you want to sell it, therefore you can sell your phone at a better price.
How to Find UnlockScope App
You just have to go to Play Store and search for “UnlockScope”. Then hit the Install button and you’re ready to go. Don’t forget, you can unlock your own phone or other people’s phones too.
Check Availability and Place the Order
Placing an order on UnlockScope App includes the same steps as on the web app: fill in the phone model, country & network and the IMEI of your phone (this might be automatically detected and auto-filled in by the app). Then pay securely using our secure payment methods: Paypal, Credit Card, Skrill, Bitcoin.
Receive the Code and Unlock Your Phone
You will receive the unlock code (or the unlock confirmation for iphones) on your email. You’ll also get a simple set of instructions on how to use the code (or how to complete the process for iphones). Now your phone is unlocked and ready to be used with any gsm network provider.