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| July 13, 2020

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Ready to receive all the Honors - Huawei's flagship, set for June 24!

Ready to receive all the Honors – Huawei’s flagship, set for June 24!

| On 10, Jun 2014

A new chipset to rule them all?

A few days ago, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei announced their new octa-core chipset, Kirin 920, a pretty serious opponent for Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon. Of course, this means that a new smartphone is on its way, and since we’re talking about an octa-core solution, it’s definitely Huawei’s flagship for 2014 what we’re going to see.

Called Honor 6, the handset will be unveiled on June 24 and it will be the first device to sport the Kirin 920. We don’t know exactly why they made the jump from Honor 3, one of their previous models, directly to 6, but if a wild guess is allowed, it must have something to do with the size of the display, even though we’re expecting to see something between 5″ and 5.5″.

Even though most people are not that enthusiastic when it comes to Huawei, we’re eagerly waiting to see what their flagship can do, as it wouldn’t be the first time this company is releasing a top device!

Stay tuned on our blog for more information about the Honor 6!


Source: GSMarena