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| September 25, 2020

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LG cares about your health - G3's fitness features, unveiled by case

| On 22, May 2014

Yo, S Health, check out this!

With a few days left until the LG G3, the leaks keep coming. And they’re from LG themselves this time. The company announced the official case for the G3, QuickCircle Case, because let’s be honest, Samsung has one and HTC does too.

You will get a round in the cover, which will enable you to see a portion of the screen, but also make calls, send texts, control music playback or even take a quick snapshot without flipping the cover open.

Still, the most interesting part is that LG is also focusing on your health, as it will come with various fitness sensors, even though a heart rate monitor is looking unlikely. And it keeps getting even better, as the case will give the G3 will charging abilities. No more details about this last function were given, but it already sounds awesome.

The QuickCircle Case will be available in black, white, gold and green, but nothing about the price until now.

Check out the official presentation video! Personally, I’d buy this from the first day.


Source: TechRadar