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| June 5, 2020

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Is Microsoft working at a smartwatch too?

Is Microsoft working at a smartwatch too?

| On 30, May 2014

iOS and Android friendly, with Kinect features. Yes, please!

It’s not a secret anymore that the smartwatch market is growing faster than we can imagine and some of the most important manufacturers are trying to get a slice from the pie. After names like Samsung, LG, Motorola or Sony joined the race, it’s time for another giant to enter it: Microsoft.

The company is reported to be working at a multi platform-friendly smartwatch. According to Forbes, the watch will be able to support all the majort mobile operating systems: Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Also, it seems that the Kinect engineering team is playing a very important role in the development of the device. Should we expect a couple of advanced sensors from Microsoft’s smartwatch?

The weird part is that according to the same source, the display will be placed on the inside of the wrist, so that the users can keep the notifications for themselves. Ok… We’re really curious about this feature.

Anyway, the prospect of a smartwatch able to run on all three platforms is very interesting, so we’ll keep an eye on the subject for any tips regarding Microsoft‘s wrist wrapper.


Source: TechRadar