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| October 20, 2020

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How to buy Xiaomi phones outside China - A quick guide

How to buy Xiaomi phones outside China – A quick guide
Andrei Calina

Ever wondered how can you buy Xiaomi phones if you’re not from China?

Those times when Chinese smartphones were completely ignored and people were considering them just cheap knockoffs are history now! Quite a few companies managed to make a name for themselves, after releasing some amazing models. Of course, this allowed them to compete with the like of Samsung, Apple, HTC, Motorola, LG and so on.

And when it comes to phones made in China, there’s no doubt that Xiaomi is one of the most popular manufacturers of the moments, thanks to models like the Mi Mix or Mi 6, as well as their several mid-range models, all of them offering great specs and builds, at an excellent price.

xiaomi mi mix

Isn’t this a beauty?


Surprisingly or not, people from all over the world want to buy Xiaomi phones at all costs, but there’s a big problem here: it’s a bit difficult. A bit, not impossible!

If you find yourself in this situation and want to get your hands on one of the manufacturer’s models, you’re in the best place.

We’ve put together a short guide on how to buy Xiaomi phones outside China fast and enjoy a top notch Android experience at a pocket-friendly price.

Things to know about importing a Chinese phone

First of all, there are a few aspects about phones imported from China we should talk about. Xiaomi’s devices, as well as others, from other manufacturers, are limited to China.

As you probably know, some Chinese phones don’t have Google services, due to Government regulations. However, Xiaomi’s phones come with the global MIUI ROM, which includes Google Mobile Services. Specifically, we’re talking about the Play Store, Chrome, YouTube, Gmail, Google Search, YouTube and many more.

On the other side, there’s one aspect a lot of people are concerned about: the warranty. If you will use the device in a different market (which you will actually do) you won’t get any warranty, since the manufacturer is not present in the West yet. Technically, if the phone breaks, you’re on your own.

xiaomi warranty

Moving on, there’s also the connectivity. Being designed to work in Asian markets, Xiaomi phones lack the requisite LTE bands, which a lot of Western carriers are now relying on. Of course, with a bit of documentation, the phone can be tweaked and you can use it at its full potential. More details about this can be found on XDA Developers’ dedicated Xiaomi section.

Otherwise, no matter if you decided to start with a cheap, but still very potent device, like the $150 Redmi 3S Prime. Or you can go directly for the big boy, Xiaomi Mi Mix, with its amazing design, you will get a quality smartphone, which will definitely last for a few years.

xiaomi redmi 3s

Not bad for a $150 phone, right?

Xiaomi is known for releasing MIUI updates pretty often, not to mention that they can be flashed manually very easy. If you can’t wait until the OTA versions are available, so you can always enjoy the latest version of Google’s operating system relatively fast.

Where can you buy Xiaomi phones

Even though at first it might sound a bit difficult, there are actually some very easy ways to get one. Let’s break them down and see how the entire process goes!

Have somebody buy it for you, from China

Of course, this is the most obvious way, since you can get it for the best price, not to mention that you’re sure it’s original, as long as it’s bought from one of Xiaomi’s shops.

If you have a friend traveling to China for a short period, just ask him or her to spend some minutes and buy you a nice gift. Well, it’s not a gift, since you’re paying for it, but you got the idea.

Buy one online

Obviously, this is the method most people rely on it, since there are some great places on the Web where you can find quality Xiaomi smartphones, for excellent prices.

xiaomi phones

*Not the current prices

GearBest – One of the most reputed online stores in China. You have the guarantee that you will receive only original phones. You can check out their offer ox Xiaomi phones here.

AliExpress – Definitely one of the biggest online stores in the word. Here you can find Xiaomi phones being sold by various users, but there’s a chance of buying a fake smartphone as well. If you decide to use this site, make sure you check the seller’s rating at first.

Banggood – Just like GearBest, this online store offers you the possibility to buy Xiaomi phones for a very competitive price. Their selection of handsets is available here.

Amazon – Yes, you can also find some models on Amazon. However, their offer is not that diversified, just a few models being available. Check them out here.


It’s worth mentioning that if you import one from these sites (except Amazon, of course) you should know that the displayed price isn’t the final one. Depending on the country you’re from, you might pay additional taxes, since the package is coming from China.

There’s also the delivery time. Don’t expect to receive your package the next day, as it’s coming from a pretty big distance. Most websites offer you a tracking number, depending on the delivery system they’re using. Use that to see where your package is. And don’t worry if it takes more than a week or even two. It will eventually arrive!

And this wraps it up! Hopefully, you will find all the information you need here, in order to buy Xiaomi phones outside China.

If you have any additional questions about this process, feel free to contact us, using the comments section below.

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