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| July 13, 2020

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Google Now gets smarter - 'No, I said' command, introduced!

Google Now gets smarter – ‘No, I said’ command, introduced!

| On 10, Jul 2014

No more wrong search results from now on…

You got to admit that the ‘OK Google‘ voice search function is more than great and really comes in handy when you want to find something on the internet. Still, it has a big problem when the device fails to understand you, due to mispronouncing some words, saying them not very loud or when they’re distorted by background sounds.

But hey, it’s Google we’re talking about here and they always want the users to have the best experience with their services. For this reason, a new update for the Android and iOS versions of the Google Search app was announced, bringing a new feature that will put an end to these wrong search queries.

You can now use the ‘No, I said,‘ voice command in order to correct the search and the results will also correct themselves, which is…pretty awesome! This is a way better option than having to start over again with the search.

And for the end, we have a question: do you guys really use this function? Thought so.