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| May 27, 2020

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Why we don't like the Samsung Galaxy S5

Why we don’t like the Samsung Galaxy S5

| On 26, Feb 2014

Because sometimes, you need to expect less. Even from Samsung. 

Monday, February 24, it finally happened. During Samsung’s Unpacked5 event, Mr. J K Shin, the company’s CEO, introduced one of this year’s must expected smartphones, the Galaxy S5. Overall, it left a very good impression, thanks to its all new features, and it made a lot of hype. But, because there’s always a but, it seems that this years is room for more. A lot more.

Even though Samsung was hoping to leave everybody craving for their new model, it didn’t happened, because the Galaxy S5 is far from being the phone we were expecting to see. And we’ll tell you why…

First of all, it’s the design. From the front, it looks like a Galaxy S4 and a bit of S2 flavour, if we look at the rectangular shape. Personally, my first though was “Oh, what else?”. Then, there’s the back. Thank God, they didn’t used that faux leather cover from the Note 3, but the came up with a new pattern instead, which looks like perforated leather. It’s not that bad, but we also have a lot of bumps on it, from the side ports, which are ruin the whole look. Not to mention that the golden version looks like a giant band-aid. Take a look for yourselves:

Samsung Galaxy S5 back cover

Guys, next time, remember one thing. Simplicity is key.

Secondly, there’s the screen. Let’s face it, Ultra HD is the next thing to have. And if 4K is still too much for a phone, as we won’t be able to see the difference on such small screens, 2K is just perfect. I was really hoping for a QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 for the Galaxy S5, as all its main competitors have it. Instead, Samsung put a 5.1 Super AMOLED display, with a full HD resolution. Maybe the main reason was that a 2K one would empty that battery much quicker, but still, you guys were supposed to have top specs, and full HD is no more top notch.

Then, there’s the internal storage. The phones comes with 16 or 32 GB of internal memory and if it weren’t for that microSD card slot, allowing you to expand this with up to 128 more gigabytes, this would’ve been a big fail. Galasy S5 comes with a new version of TouchWiz and a lot of preinstalled software (most of it is useful right now, unlike the bloatware on the S4), and all this stuff needs 8.14 GB of space. That’s right, if you opt for the 16 GB version, you will have less than half of the storage space available. Samsung’s is well-known for this and it’s still a wonder that they’re allowing us to use microSD cards, as most top smartphones don’t have this option anymore.

These are three of Samsung Galaxy S5’s biggest minueses, and, if we take a deeper look, there might be more, like the price. It wasn’t announced, but I can easily say that it will be somewhere around $1000. Anyway, despite all these, I’m definitely sure it will sell very well and be in the tops.

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