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| September 25, 2020

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Brace yourselves, Nexus 8 is coming! For real.

Brace yourselves, Nexus 8 is coming! For real.

| On 28, May 2014

Latest leaks suggest that the Nexus family will receive a new member soon

After all the rumors about Google replacing the Nexus line with Android Silver, it seems that there’s hope for the stock-Android lovers after all.

A few days ago, a mysterious tablet was presented on the Google I/O site, with everybody think that it’s the Nexus 8 tablet. In the end, it was proven that it was just a confusion, as the tablet was nothing but an early image of the Nexus 10. It wasn’t the first time the Nexus 8 was rumored to be in the works or already preparing to make its appearance…

A few weeks ago, some reports were indicating that Google has a device named “Flounder” in the works. The same “Flounder” was confirmed by the computer community MYCE, meaning that the Nexus 8 might be a certainty.

Still, Google has removed all the traces of this codename used in previous posts on the site, but we do have a pretty warm trail to follow now.

According to the rumors, the tablet could use a Tegra processor on 64 bits and it’s going to be made by HTC, instead of Google’s apparently favorite, LG.

With a bit of luck, we could get at least a hint about this tablet at the Google I/O Conference, starting on June 25th. Or who knows, maybe we will see the tablet…


Source: PhoneArena